The progam Touch'n'learn was developed in 1998 in Turbo Delphi 1.0 for Windows 3.1.

In 2007, I released it on SourceForge and adjusted the source code to be compilabe with Turbo Delphi 2006 Express. I intended to afterwards port Touch'n'learn to the opensource and crossplatform Free Pascal Lazarus. Then I realized that unlike Delphi, Lazarus has no tools for loading and rendering vector graphics.

A basic concept of Touch'n'learn is, however, the fullscreen resolution independent UI, which relies on vector graphics. That lead to my conclusion that the program rather needs to be reimplemented with a modern framework like Trolltechs Qt. The paint system of Qt supports SVG and antialiasing.

The code reflects my coding style of 9 years, ago. German-english namings, weak design and wrong ambitions. So Touch'n'learn would definitely benefit from a complete reimplementation.

If there is enough interest for the project, I will love to create something new, better, bigger. Just contact me via the SourceForge page.